Why Choose Us

Your China vacation is guaranteed a hassle-free and unforgettable experience on our private No-Shopping tours at competitive prices.

Enjoy Exclusive Service Provided by Private Tour Guides & Private Drivers

Exclusive service from your private guides and drivers is only provided for you and your families or friends at your own pace. Neither will a single minute of your precious time be wasted on waiting for strangers, nor will you be herded in a group and given limited time on each sightseeing spot, not able to hear clearly what the tour guides say. With all tours customizable, you are ensured a true personalized vacation.

No-Shopping Tours Guarantee a Truly Hassle-free Travel Experience

You will never be forced to go to any built-in commissioned shops or factories for overpriced souvenirs you have no interests to buy on our tours. Our sufficiently paid tour guides are dedicated to presenting the best of their cities and connecting you with the local people. If you need pick up some gifts, you will be taken to the quality local shops to buy at local prices.

Competitive Prices Ensure the Best Value of Your Money

We feel obligated to create wonderful discoveries of China for you at reasonable and affordable prices in this twisted Shopping Tour market. With steady cooperation with suppliers like airlines, hotels and our own motivated team of local representatives, exploring China on true value tours is real accessible with us.

Go beyond the Sightseeing and Revel in Culturally Immersive Programs

Our tours not only introduce our customers to the major highlights of China, but also its peoples and way of life through interaction with local people and various cultural activities uncovering the hidden gems of China's various cultures.

Efficient Responses

Our experienced staff respond quickly to questions within 12 hours or less. Our responses will give you the advice, perspective and tips required for you to make informed decisions about your itinerary and travel to China.

Expert Planning

Our Travel Specialists have first-hand experience visiting the various destinations giving them the expertise and confidence to design exceptional tours. Whether traveling the Yangtze on a luxury cruise or visiting rural villages and their unique cultures, you can be assured our staff has the knowledge to design every aspect of your itinerary to the last detail.

Personalized Service

We give one-on-one expert service to each of our customers from the trip planning stage to the actual tour. We commit to make your dream vacation come true by taking care of all aspects of your travel so you can enjoy a relaxing trouble-free adventure. We back this commitment with 24/7 support throughout the duration of your travel.

Knowledgeable Guides & Experienced Drivers

Our friendly and insider local guides take you to explore fascinating places they live at while our experienced drivers guarantee a safe and sound journey. Elysian Tour's constant training ensures the professionalism and vitality of our team to provide unforgettable travel experiences.

Excellent Ratings on TripAdvisor

Our service has achieved excellent ratings on TripAdvisor. Many customers reached out to us because of recommendations from their friends and families. Customer satisfaction has been our ultimate pursuit and we are proud to say we have done a great job so far and will continue to provide excellent and personalized service to our dear travelers in the future.

Superior Privacy Protection

Your privacy will be highly respected and well protected by Elysian Tour with the promise to never divulge your personal information or sell to 3rd parties for any reason.

Refund Policy

Elysian has a full refund policy up to 20 days before departure. If beyond this grace period, a refund will be provided minus late booking costs to cancel hotels, flights, and other arrangements. Elysian recommends our clients to acquire travel insurance to avoid any unforeseen late cancellations.

Sustainable Travel

While China has many challenges, Elysian commits to doing our part to protect World Heritage Sites, the environment, natural resources, indigenous species, cultures, craftsmanship and local economies.