Why A Private China Tour

Private tour or group tour? Travelers usually face the decision of choosing the right tour type for their vacation. A private tour is all about you and your desire for a customized travel experience that meets your personal requirements. It provides you with a customized itinerary and flexibility during travel as you are not tied to pre-set plans and times of a group tour. For a dream China vacation, why not a private tour to best enjoy it.

Below are a list of reasons why a private tour may be what you are looking for:

Flexible Departures

The travel dates are based on your own schedule and convenience. You could pack up and depart whenever you want instead of catching specific fixed travel dates found in a group tour.

Travel at Your Own Pace

You set your own travel pace during the tour. You could choose at what time to start for each day’s tour and decide to stay longer or shorter at a site based on your preference.

Customized Itineraries

The itineraries are customized according to your interests and needs to make the trip exactly the way you want it to be. Should it be a historical exploration, natural discovery, local life experience, all you need do is to share your desires with us and we will make it a reality for you.

Personalized Travel Experiences.

On a private tour, you do not walk through places from one to another like you do in a group tour. You will enjoy a very personalized experiences in your discovery of the real China, learn about everything you see, visit any places that interest you, learn from your guides’ explanation of what you are seeing and understand deeper about the local life.

Maximally enjoy your time

On a private tour that is only you and your travel companions, you are not limited to any time frame like you are on the group tours. Not a single minute of your precious vacation time will be wasted on waiting for strangers in the group anywhere you visit.

Exclusive Guides

Your experienced, knowledgeable and friendly tour guides work with you exclusively. They guide you through the sightseeing spots, show you the local life, share with you interesting legends and stories, connect you with local people and introduce you to the modern life of China.

Comfortable air-conditioned Vehicle

You will enjoy private air-conditioned vehicles that are clean, comfortable and non-smoking vehicles with enough space for your comfort. Experienced and skilled drivers ensure a safe and smooth transfer throughout your trip.

You have Your Own Hotel Choices

We recommend centrally located and excellently rated hotels that we have long worked with. But you are not limited to hotels recommended by us. Instead, you could always request your preferred hotel brands or book hotels on your own.

Try Real Authentic Local Food at Local Prices

For a country such as China with so many varieties of great food, a private tour allows you the opportunity to try varied local cuisine, at local restaurants, with local folks, and at local prices. With our private tours there are no pre-paid meals which put you at risk of losing your money if you don’t order equivalent food. You pay as you go and get a more adventurous experience in tasting the local cuisine of China.