China Travel Guide

Vast, mysterious and beautiful, China has long been on the bucket list travel destination for world travelers. Our travel guides give clear and comprehensible ideas that inspire you to plan your dream trip to discover the highlights of this charming and ancient land.

Highlights of China

We have listed all the sensational highlights of China, essence from historic wonders, natures environmental stunners, and the featured Chinese cultures to help you select your desired sights and activities based on your travel interests and preferences.

Plan a China Trip

Trip planning is detail orientated and is a time consuming task for you, especially for a diverse country like China with its unique culture and totally different language. The articles below offer the best advice and tips from the travel professionals on our team to ease all your pressure of planning.

China Travel FAQs

What is the best time to visit China?

As a vast nation, the weather varies greatly from north to south and east to west. But generally speaking, the best time for travelling in China falls in Spring and Autumn as summer can be hot and winter is chilly. Thanks to China’s large area, there are wonderful places to explore in summer like Tibet, Silk Road cities, and Shangri-La in Yunnan. Winter as well enjoys fantastic views and what’s even better, all places tend to be quieter with lower prices. For the top cities of Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai, anytime of the year is a wonderful time to visit as there is less impact to weather conditions.

Do we need tour guides for a China trip?

Yes, tour guides are recommended. China is a large country with many differences in varied aspects. Mega cities like Beijing and Shanghai are comparatively easy to explore as there are English signs of places (though you might find some shocking ones translated from Chinese). But travelers still find it hard when it comes to discovering history, getting authentic food, understanding local culture and communicating with local people.

How far ahead should I book with you?

2 months ahead of your travel date is suggested. You could confirm your booking in time when you are satisfied with the tour package to guarantee smooth bookings, reservations and entry visa submission. We have handled many urgent bookings within 2 weeks successfully. We also have many clients who plan and confirm their trips a year ahead.

Is tipping popular in China?

Tipping in restaurants, for taxis is not necessary in China as it is included in the bills. However, it is customary to tip hotel staff like the bell boy, housekeeping as well as your local guides and drivers.

Themed China Tours

Our various themed China tours accommodate different travel requirements and inspire you to immerse yourself into the local cultures to get the real insider experiences and show you the greatness of our country.