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China Travel FAQs

Please view the following frequently asked questions and answers to know more about travelling in China and better prepare for your China trip.

Tour Planning

Why travel to China?
What are the top travel destinations in China?
How long to stay for a China trip?
What is the best time to visit China?
Do I need a visa to go to China?
Do we need tour guides for a China trip?
Why are meals not included in your tour packages?
What if I cannot find the tour I want?
What tour type should I book?
Can I book as a solo traveler?
Do you offer accessible tours?
Will I have some free time during my tour?
Is it OK to travel to China during the National Holiday or Chinese New Year?
How far ahead should I book with you?
Do I need to get travel insurance?

Get ready for China tour

What to pack for my tour?
How much luggage can I bring?
Should I get some Chinese cash to bring with me?
Are credit cards accepted in China?
Can I use my own phone in China?
Can I get a Chinese SIM card?
What is the availability of WI-FI?
What voltage and power plugs/sockets are used in China?
Are hairdryers and toiletries provided in the hotels?
Is it easy to get around during free time in China?

During your trip in China

Is it OK my arrival in China is too late or too early?
What if I get lost during the tour or cannot find my way back to my hotel?
What is the deposit while checking in at the hotel?
Is tap water drinkable?
Is a western toilet available during the tour?
Do I have to take off my shoes or wear scarf if visiting a temple?
Is it easy to get food during our free time?
Is tipping popular in China?